LB 1580T SERIESADA Compliant (Narrow Slot) TRAFFIC RATED Area Grate and Frame Assembly Fabricated A36 carbon steel grate and frame assembly conforming with ADA specifications and guidelines (the spacing between the bearing bars does not exceed 1/2"). Rated for traffic service loading. Assemblies are suitable for most inlet applications, including parking lots, golf courses, office buildings and schools. Furnished with a galvanized coating, the grates and frames may be bolted with vandal resistant locking devices upon request.
Catalog NumberClear Opening of Frame
LB 1581T10" x 10"
LB 1582T12" x 12"
LB 1583T16" x 16"
LB 1584T18" x 18"
LB 1585T22" x 22"
LB 1586T24" x 24"
LB 1587T36" x 36"
LB 1588T48" x 48"
* Please refer to LB 7380 Series for gray iron, ADA (narrow slot) trench grates and frames.
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