LB 1241/X-510BTRAFFIC RATED Sewer Cleanout Frame and Cover Assembly General use, non-rocking cleanout cover and frame assembly designed for sewer line inspections and examinations. The casting conforms with the STANDARD PLAN DRAWINGS for a number of cities, counties, agencies and organizations including APWA (SPPWC), the CITY OF LOS ANGELES and LOS ANGELES COUNTY SANITATION DISTRICT (LACSD). The cover and frame is non-rocking and furnished with an asphaltum (black) coating. Various markings are available and the assembly may be bolted upon request. A removable drop-in access cover (disk) is available if required.
Catalog NumberOverall HeightClear OpeningO.D. of Bottom FlangeApprox. Weight
LB 124111-3/4"11-1/2"17"120 lbs
Standard Plansclick image to downloadS-164-0 - TERMINAL CLEANOUT STRUCTURE Y.pdf
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Shop Drawingsclick image to downloadLB 1241-S MARKING.pdf
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