LB 2012/X-311 SERIESTRAFFIC RATED Area Grate and Frame Assembly BICYCLE FRIENDLY and rated for traffic service loading, these grates and frames are suitable for most inlet applications, including parking lots, golf courses and landscaped areas. The castings are furnished with either an asphaltum (black) or galvanized finish and may be bolted with vandal resistant locking devices upon request.
Catalog NumberGrate SizeFrame Clear OpeningFrame HeightApprox. Weight
LB 2012A12" x 12"10" x 10"2"68 lbs
LB 2012B14" x 14"12" x 12"2"70 lbs
LB 2012C18" x 18"16" x 16"2-1/2"130 lbs
LB 2012D20" x 20"18" x 18"2-1/2"150 lbs
LB 2012E24" x 24"22" x 22"3"203 lbs
LB 2012F26" x 26"24" x 24"3"265 lbs
LB 2012H38" x 38"36" x 36"2-3/4"490 lbs
*Note: Please refer to LB 7380 Series for gray iron, ADA (narrow slot) grates and frames.
Standard Plansclick image to downloadAPWA 150-3 CURB DRAIN page 1.pdfAPWA 150-3 CURB DRAIN page 2.pdf
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