02 Circular Traffic Rated Manhole Frames & Covers

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LB 1254/X-106E EJ 3180 A-1254

24" Diameter TRAFFIC RATED Manhole Frame and Cover Assembly

Non-rocking manhole frame and cover assembly conforming to the STANDARD PLAN DRAWINGS for a number of cities, counties and agencies including CITY OF IRVINE, CITY OF ORANGE and CITY OF HEMET. The assembly is furnished with an asphaltum (black) coating and various markings are available upon request.

Catalog Number AFCO Number Clear Opening of Frame Outer Diameter of Base Approximate Weight Frame Height
LB 1254 A-1254 24" 32" 315 lbs 3-1/2"

*Available options: 6" high frame; slotted grate. *ADDITIONAL AFCO REFERENCES A1254 1254