02 Circular Traffic Rated Manhole Frames & Covers

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SPPWC 632-5 LB 1497 X-163 EJ 3163 A-1497

30" Diameter TRAFFIC RATED Manhole Frame and Cover Assembly

General use, non-rocking manhole frame and cover assembly conforming to the STANDARD PLAN DRAWINGS for a number of cities, counties and organizations including SPPWC 632-3, CITY OF LOS ANGELES S-283-3, LACDPW, OCRDMD (OCEMA) and CITY OF SANTA MONICA. Additional markings are available and the casting is furnished painted black with a water based coating. The assembly may also be bolted upon request.

Catalog Number AFCO Number Clear Opening of Frame Outer Diameter of Base Approximate Weight Frame Height
LB 1497 A-1497 30" 38-1/2" 640 lbs 6"