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LB 409/A-1565 A-1577 A-A1578 A-1569 TO A-1579

CATCH BASIN & CURB INLET Support Bolt and Protection Bar Accessories

Galvanized steel curb plates (face plate, bulb angle), vertical support bolts and protection bar assemblies for curb opening catch basins and inlet structures. These accessories and component parts conform to the STANDARD PLAN DRAWINGS for a number of cities, counties, agencies and organizations including SPPWC 310-4, CITY OF LOS ANGELES, LACDPW, CITY OF IRVINE, RCFC & WCD, COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE, AND OCRDMD (OCEMA).

Catalog Number AFCO Number Diameter Clear Opening of Frame
LB 409A A-1577 3/4" 24
LB 409B A-1577 3/4" 24
LB 409C A-1565 3/4" 24
LB 409D A-1565 3/4" 24
LB 409E A-1563 1" 24
LB 409F A-1565 3/4" 24
LB 409G A-1563 1" 24
LB 409M A-1574 1" 24
LB 409P A-1572 1" 24
LB 409Q A-1570 1" 24
LB 409R A-1571 1" 24
LB 409H A-1578 5/8" 24