07 Misc. Metals-Flood Control, Storm Drains, Storm Sewer

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LB PS2-PF Manhole and Catch Basin Plastic Step for Cast-in-place Installations

This plastic step is made from polypropylene with a ASTM A-615 Grade 60 rebar inner core. Conforms and complies STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION STANDARD PLAN DETAIL D74 for STEP INSERTS and SPPWC  STANDARD PLAN DRAWING 636-3. Refer to LB PS-3-PFC for a 16 inch wide step insert, measured center-to-center of the ladder legs. 

Catalog Number Width Leg Length Approximate Weight
LB PS2-PF 13" 9-3/8" 2-1/2 lbs
PS-3-PFC 13" 10-1/2" 4 lbs

Step insert measures 13 inches wide, center-to-center of the ladder legs

Step insert measures 16 inches wide, center-to-center of the ladder legs