03 Gray Iron Monument Cleanout Frames & Covers

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LB 1241/X-510B EJ 3510 A-1241 TRAFFIC RATED Terminal Cleanout Frame and Cover Assembly

General use, non-rocking cleanout cover and frame assembly designed for sewer line inspections and examinations. The casting conforms with the STANDARD PLAN DRAWINGS for a number of cities, counties, agencies and organizations including SPPWC ("THE GREENBOOK"), the CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CITY OF OXNARD and LOS ANGELES COUNTY SANITATION DISTRICT (LACSD). The cover and frame is non-rocking and furnished painted with a water based coating.  Various markings are available and the assembly may be bolted upon request. A removable drop-in access cover (disk) is available if required.

Catalog Number AFCO Number Overall Height Clear Opening Outer Diameter of Bottom Flange Approximate Weight
LB 1241 A-1241 11-3/4" 11-1/2" 17" 120 lbs